For thousands of years perfumers, sorcerers, alchemists, witches, and warlocks have compounded love philters to be worn on the body to lure members of the opposite sex... or in some cases, the same sex. Most animals produce a sexual glandular secretion that triggers subconscious responses. Humans are no exception. These trigger substances are known as pheromones.

Until recent times the compounder had to depend on animal extracts such as musk, civet and plant derivatives, such as costus and ambrette to trigger a sexual response in the human subconscious.Now fragrance chemists have isolated the structure of the human pheromone and reproduced it exactly. These compounds are marketed to perfumers under such names as Cedramber and Femone. By judicious use of these compounds along with the traditional animal and some plant extracts, perfumes with a real sexual punch can be created.

The Crimson Phoenix, has an entire series of these alluring philitres. Our especially compounded fragrances that create an aura of opulent illusion and sexual mystery. They are made from the finest natural perfume materials and do not contain any synthetic hydrocarbons or petroleum distillates. The Crimson Phoenix also has a line of well known contemporary designer perfumes each spiked, so to speak, with appropriate pheromone compounds. To experience a new plateau of sexual exuberance, luxury and excitement, try one or more of our enticing bouquets today!


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